State of matter Chemistry – Solid , Liquid & Gas

State of matter ChemistrySolid ,Liquid & Gas

Important Chemistry Topics πŸ‘€

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Video topics are as follow:

Difference between Diffusion and effusion of gases. What is evaporation, definition with explanation . Why evaporation causes cooling effect. Measurement of surface tension. Viscosity and the factors affecting viscosity. what is boiling point and the factors affecting boiling. What is Vapor pressure and the factors affecting vapour pressure. Properties of liquids e.g diffusion,force of attraction,fluidity etc. Types of solids i.e. difference between crystalline solid and amorphous solid . Classification of crystalline solids. Characteristics of crystalline solids e.g. melting point,isomorphism,allotropy,polymorphism etc. Allotropic forms of carbon ,diamond and graphite . Difference between the structure of water anf ice. Gas laws : Boyle’s law,Charle’s law, Avogardo’s law ,General gas law statement ,graphical representation and derivation etc.

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