Best Chemistry Teacher on YouTube 2021 – #1 Animated Tutorials

If you are searching for the best Chemistry teacher on YouTube in 2021, so you must search for the one who make chemistry tutorials simple , understandable and remarkable, unique animation deeply penetrate the complete concept easily in your mind forever , so don’t miss the rising star on YouTube .

The one and only Digital Kemistry YouTube channel, Just visit Now & enjoy learning Chemistry Concept with 3d animated Tutorials for Class 9,10 & Class 11-12 .

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Ionic Bond Animation ( in Urdu/ Hindi)

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Ionic Bond

Covalent Bond

Coordinate Covalent Bond

Metallic Bond

Hydrogen Bond

Covalent Bond Animation ( in Urdu/ Hindi)

Metallic Bond Animation ( in Urdu/ Hindi)

Octet Rule and Duplet Rule Animation ( in Urdu/ Hindi)

Few Organic Chemistry Animated Tutorials

Free Radical Animation ( in Urdu/ Hindi)

Carbocation and its Classification

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Carbocation and its types


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Inductive Effect

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