Mole and Chemical Equation

Mole :

Mole is defined as the quantity of a substance that contains 6.022 X 1023 particles ( atoms, molecules ,formula units or ions).

Mole is represented by ” mol”.

It’s unit is mol-1

Chemical equation Representation:

A chemical equation is a way to represent chemical reaction by using symbols, chemical formulae and notations.

A balance equation represents molecular, molar, mass and volume ratio. However volume ratio is for gases only.

N2(g)     +          3H2(g) form 2NH3(g)

Molecular ratio                        1 molecule       3 molecules                             2 molecules

Molar ratio                              1 mole             3 moles                                    2 moles

Mass ratio                                (14×2)=28g     3(1×2)=6g                                2(14+1×3)=34g

Volume ratio (for gases only) 1 volume         3 volumes                               2 volumes

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