What is |Functional Group Definition and Examples Organic Chemistry 2nd year

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The active site or the functional part of organic compounds is called the functional group.

Functional group


A functional group is an atom or group of atoms that gives characteristic chemical properties to an organic compound.

Chemical properties depend on the functional group because it takes part in a chemical reaction.

Physical properties depend on the remaining part of the molecule (alkyl group).

Importance of Functional group :

  1. Functional groups provide the basis for naming ( nomenclature) organic compounds.

2. Each functional group represent a different class/family of an organic compound.

(All compounds with same functional group =same class/family)

Over six million organic compounds have been divided into homologous series on the basis of functional groups.

3. A functional group is an active site or functional part of an organic compound.

Compounds in the same class = similar chemical properties

Classification of Organic Compounds on the basis of Functional groups:

Functional group definition and Examples
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