Detection of Nitrogen in Organic Compound by Lassaigne’s Solution

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Detection of Carbon and Hydrogen in an Organic Compound 

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What is the meaning of Vital Force Theory 

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Naming Organic Compounds| Common system vs IUPAC System

Isomerism and its Types with Examples

BuckyBalls New Allotrope of Carbon

Homologous Series Definition, Formula, Types and Characteristics 

What is |Functional Group Definition and Examples Organic Chemistry 2nd year

Detection of Carbon, Hydrogen , Nitrogen ,Oxygen, Sulphur ,Halogens in Organic compounds

Classification of Organic Compounds – Organic Chemistry

Destructive distillation of Coal Experiment

Fractional Distillation of Petroleum| Refining of Crude oil – Organic Chemistry

Bucky Ball (Fullerene)- Allotrope of Carbon

Homologous Series

Transition Elements





Coordination Compounds 

Peculiar Behaviour of Beryllium 

Group 1 Elements alkali Metals Occurrence, Physical and Chemical Properties, Reactivity and Compounds

Trends in the physical properties of period 3 elements

Trends in the chemical properties of period 3 elements

Anomalous Behavior of Lithium

Group IV-A Elements Properties

Group VII-A Elements Properties

Electron affinity trends

Ionization Energy Trends

Electronegativity – Definition, Periodic Trends ,Examples , Importance ,Electronegativity Difference

Ionic Bond

Covalent Bond

Organic Compounds : Definition, Properties ,Uses ,Importance & Facts – Organic Chemistry

s and p-block Elements ( complete chapter Notes)

d and f-block Elements  ( complete chapter Notes)

Transition Elements : Definition ,Properties ,Trends

Coordination Compounds

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