Methods for the Detection Of Oxygen – Organic Compounds- Organic Chemistry

Oxygen can not be detected by any direct method but for its detection, some Indirect methods are used.

Methods for detecting Oxygen:

There are three methods or tests for the detection of oxygen in organic compounds

  • Heating of Organic compound alone In a nitrogen atmosphere
  • oxygen-containing functional groups Test
  • Combustion Analysis

Method 1:

The given organic compound is heated alone in a dry test tube usually in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Method 2:

Different tests are applied for the detection of oxygen-containing functional groups like Alcohol (OH), Aldehyde (-CHO), Ketone (-CO-) and Carboxylic acid (-COOH).

Method 3:

The most important test for the detection of oxygen is combustion Analysis, in which the percentage of carbon and hydrogen are determined.

Now !!

What is combustion?

The burning of a substance in the presence of oxygen is called combustion.

Formula to determine Oxygen:

% O = 100 – ( % C + % H )

3 Indirect Methods for the Detection of Oxygen:

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