What is Acid Base Titration in Simple Words?

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What is titration?

In simple words, titration is a method used to find the concentration (unknown molarity) of the solution.

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acid base titration diagram
acid-base titration

What is acid-base titration?

Acid-base Titration is an experimental method used to find the concentration (unknown molarity) of an acid or base by neutralizing it with a base or acid of known concentration (molarity).

Acid-base Titration experiment
acid-base neutralization reaction



A solution with a known concentration is added to a solution whose concentration must be determined.

Titrand or analyte:

The solution whose concentration must be determined.

Equivalence point:

The point in a titration where the amount of titrant added is sufficient to neutralise the analyte solution. At the point of equivalence in an acid-base titration, moles of base equal moles of acid, and the solution contains nothing but salt and water.

How do you perform titration step by step?

Acid-Base Titration Experiment :

To standardize the given solution of hydrochloric acid by standard NaOH solution.

standardization of hcl
standardization of hcl

Material Required in Titration:

  • Burette
  • Pipette
  • Titration flask
  • Funnel
  • Beaker
neutralization reaction
neutralization reaction

In an acid-base reaction, the acid reacts with a base to produce salt and water. This is also known as a neutralization reaction.

neutralization reaction example
neutralization reaction example

Step 1 :

Fit a clean burette vertically in a burette stand.

Step 2 :

Fill the burette with HCl solution up to zero mark using a funnel.

Step 3 :

Pipette out 10cm3 NaOH solution n a titration flask.

titrant concentration

Step 4 :

Add a few drops of phenolphthalein indicator to a flask.

phenolphthalein indicator color in acid and base
phenolphthalein indicator color in acid and base
endpoint and equivalence point
endpoint and equivalence point

Step 5 :

Note the initial reading on the burette against the lower meniscus.

Step 6 :

Run the HCl (acid) solution dropwise in the titration flask and constantly shake the flask.

Step 7 :

Add the acid solution till the light pink colour disappears.

Step 8 :

Note down carefully the final reading on the burette.

Step 9 :

Repeat the experiment at least 2 more times.

Titration calculations
Titration calculations

Acid-Base Titration Calculations:

To find the molarity of HCl, M1 =?

Molarity Formula used:

M1V1 = M2V2

n1 n2

where !!

M1 (molarity of HCl) = ?

M2 (molarity of NaOH) = 0.1 M

v1 ( volume of HCl) = 10 cm3 ( supposed )

v2 ( volume of NaOH) = 1ocm3

Putting values in formula:

M1 X 10 = 0.1 X 10

1 1

M1 = 0.1 M ( molarity of HCl)


To perform an acid-base titration, a conical flask is loaded with either an acid or a base of known volume and an unknown concentration.

A burette is used to hold the second reagent, whose concentration is already known.
Gradually add the reagent from the burette to the conical flask.
In a titration, the pH of a solution in a conical flask is monitored as a reagent is added drop by drop using a burette, producing a figure known as a titration curve.

The following are examples of what a titration curve can be used for

  • locating the point of equivalency in an acid-base reaction (the point at which the amounts of acid and of the base are just sufficient to cause complete neutralization).
  • The acidity and basicity of the titrants were utilised to determine the final pH of the solution.
  • At the point of equivalency between a strong acid and a strong base, the pH value is 7.
  • The equivalency point for a weak acid-strong base titration occurs at a pH greater than 7.
  • The equivalence point of a strong acid-weak base titration occurs at a pH value below 7.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ:

What is meant by a standard solution?

A solution of known concentration is called a standard solution.

What is meant by the analyte solution?

A solution whose concentration is to be determined is called an analyte solution.

What is the colour of the phenolphthalein indicator in the basic solution?

The pink colour of the phenolphthalein indicator in the basic solution

What is the colour of the phenolphthalein indicator in the acidic solution?

colourless in the acidic solution

What is the endpoint in titration?

The stage during titration at which the indicator changes its colour is known as the endpoint.

What is an indicator?

The chemical substance which indicates the endpoint of titration by changing its colour is called an indicator.

What is the equivalence point?

The stage during titration at which amount of titrant just reacts with all analyte.

What is acid-base titration for kids?

A titration between an acid and a base can be used to determine the concentration of an acid or a base in a solution. It takes advantage of the fact that we know the formulas of acids and bases and can thus predict how they will react.

What is the purpose of acid-base titration?

In order to ascertain how concentrated, a basic solution is, it is titrated with an acid solution of known concentration until neutralisation occurs. The equivalence point, or the point at which chemically equivalent amounts of the reactants have been mixed, is the purpose of the titration.

Why is acid base titration important?

The goal of a strong acid-strong base titration is to determine the concentration of an acid solution by titrating it with a known concentration of a basic solution, or vice versa until neutralisation occurs. The consequence of the reaction between a strong acid base and a strong base will be water and salt.

What are the applications of acid-base titration?

An acid-base titration is used to estimate the concentration of an unknown acid or base by neutralising it with a known concentration of acid or base. Using the reaction’s stoichiometry, the unknown concentration can be estimated.

Acid-Base Titration Practical (Urdu / Hindi)

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