Chemical Equilibrium pdf Notes, mcqs , Video Lectures 2023

Chemical Equilibrium Notes pdf Download 2023

Chemical Equilibrium pdf notes

Class 10th Chemistry Notes

Learning Objective

✔what is meant by chemical equilibrium

✔difference between reversible and irreversible reactions

✔law of mass action

✔kc and its unit

✔Importance of equilibrium constant

✔effect of change in concentration on equilibrium

✔effect of change in temperature on equilibrium

✔effect of change in pressure on equilibrium

✔effect of catalyst on equilibrium

✔le Chateliers principle


Chemical equilibrium occurs when a reaction and its product are in balance.

Both forward and reverse reactions are occurring as a system approaches equilibrium.
• In a state of equilibrium, the forward and reverse reactions proceed at the same rate.
• Once equilibrium is reached, the concentration of each reactant and product remains constant.




Chemical Equilibrium Video Lectures


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