Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 Stoichiometry easiest pdf notes download

Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 Stoichiometry

Topics covered:

  • Chemistry definition
  • Mole concept
  • Avogadro’s number
  • Applications/ Significance of mole concept and Avogadro’s number
  • Gram atom, Gram molecule, Gram formula, Gram ion
  • Molar mass definition and examples
  • Molar volume definition
  • What is meant by stoichiometry
  • Law of Conservation of mass
  • Law of Constant Composition( Law of definite Proportion)
  • Percent Composition
  • Excess and Limiting reactant ( definition, examples and important problems practice)
  • Theoretical and Actual yield as Percentage
  • Percent yield

Chapter Stoichiometry Free pdf notes Download below

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Avogadro’s Number and Mole

How to Find Limiting Reagents and Excess Reagents

What is the Easiest way to Find Molar mass

How to Calculate Formula Mass of a compound

Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula

Gram Atomic Mass Gram Molecular Mass & Gram Formula Mass

What are free radicals Chemistry

What is an Ion

Molecular Ion

Why Ammonium Ion is not a Molecular Ion

What is a Molecule and its Types

Why are Cations smaller and Anions are larger than the corresponding atoms

Difference between Molar mass and Molecular mass

Class 11 Chemistry Basic Concepts of Chemistry Solved Problems :

How many molecules of water are there in 12g of ice?

Let 10 moles of H2 and 7 moles of O2 were reacted to produce H2O.Find out the limiting reactant or reagent and excess reactant.

Find the molecular mass of glucose C6H12O6 which is also known as blood sugar

Find the Molecular mass of Naphthalene C10H8 , which is used in Mothballs

Molecular Mass Important Numericals

How to Calculate Molar mass of a Compound : HCl , NH3 ,Ca(OH)2 , CO2 ,H2O , CO , NaCl

The mass of 5 moles of Element X is 60g . Calculate its Molar mass and Name the Element x .

find the formula mass of the following compounds: K2Cr2O7, C2H5OH , C3H6O, MgSO4

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