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Elements of group I-A (Alkali Metals) and Group II-A constitute s-block. They have their valence electrons in the s-orbital. S-block has only metals however hydrogen and helium are exceptions, these two are non-metals.

Elements of group III-A, IV-A, V-A, VI-A, VII-A and VIII-A constitute p-block. They have their valence electrons in the p-orbital. P-block consists of metals as well as non-metals.

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Trends in the physical properties of period 3 elements

Trends in the chemical properties of period 3 elements

Anomalous Behavior of Lithium

Group IV-A Elements Properties

Group VII-A Elements Properties

Electron affinity trends

Ionization Energy Trends

Electronegativity – Definition, Periodic Trends ,Examples , Importance ,Electronegativity Difference

Transition Elements : Definition ,Properties ,Trends

Coordination Compounds

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