11th Class Chemistry Chapterwise Free pdf Notes (Complete Book )

11th Class Chemistry Chapter-wise Online Free pdf

For students majoring in science, chemistry is a key subject. It is the most crucial topic for intermediate students and it counts toward admittance exams. Therefore, it is crucial to properly prepare for this subject. We will give you the most valuable and significant notes for class 11( FSC part 1) for free if you’re looking for class 11 chemistry notes. Online note-taking is possible, and you can download your notes as PDF files as well.

Notes are available below for download

Stoichiometry (Basic Concepts of Chemistry )

Atomic Structure

Theories of Covalent Bonding Notes ( Chemical Bonding)

State of Matter #1 Gases

State of Matter #2 Liquids

State of Matter #3 Solids

Chemical Equilibrium

Acids Bases and Salts Notes

Chemical Kinetics Notes

Solutions and Colloids



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