Class 12 Organic Compounds Notes – Learn Organic Chemistry Online Free

Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry:

According to ‘Vital Force Theory’ organic compounds were believed to be the compounds prepared by living organisms.

But later on , in 1828, Friedrick Wholer ( a German chemist), prepared Urea (an organic compound) in laboratory by heating Ammonium cyanate.

It proved the vital force theory to be wrong.        

List of Chapter Organic compounds Important Topics :

Organic Chemistry Old Concept and Modern Concept | Class 12 Chemistry Organic Compounds Lecture 1

What is the meaning of Vital Force Theory 

What are the main Sources of Organic Compounds

Naming Organic Compounds| Common system vs IUPAC System

Isomerism and its Types with Examples

BuckyBalls New Allotrope of Carbon

Detection of Carbon and Hydrogen in an Organic Compound 

Preparation of Lassaigne’s Solution-

Detection of Nitrogen in Organic Compound 

Detection of Sulphur in Organic Compound 

Detection of Halogens in Organic Compound 

Methods for the Detection Of Oxygen 

Detection of Phosphorus in Organic Compounds

Class 12 Chemistry Chapter Organic Compounds Important MCQs

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