Class 9th Chemistry Chapter wise Free video lectures

Class 9 Chemistry Chapter wise Free video lectures

First and foremost, we wish the best of luck to the new matriculants, and we advise them to make the greatest efforts possible right away in order to finish their studies with good scores. Your school and teachers are without a doubt reliable sources of practice. However, you cannot use these at any time or location. Online platforms are accessible in this scenario anytime, anyplace. Online video lectures for Chemistry for the ninth grade are posted on this page. This is because students are turning to online learning environments due to their constant accessibility.

Nearly all forms of study aids, such as 9th class past exams, 9th class video lectures, and 9th class Chemistry MCQs test system, are made available to students here for free. Additionally, this platform is not just for students in matric classes; it also allows for students in intermediate and higher education levels to receive support similar to this.

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Structure of Atoms

Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

Structure of Molecules

Physical States of Matter


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