What is Galvanic Cell in Simple Words?

What is Galvanic Cell?

In simple words, a galvanic cell is an electrochemical cell which converts chemical energy to electrical energy.

Galvanic cell Redox reactions:

At Anode

At the anode oxidation takes place.

At Cathode

At cathode reduction takes place.

galvanic cell cathode and anode reactions
oxidation at anode and reduction at cathode in galvanic cell

Galvanic Cell Redox reaction Representation:

galvanic cell

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Galvanic cell

In this video, we will discuss the following points:

what is electrode potential

Types of electrode potential,i.e. Oxidation potential and reduction potential.

Electrode potential definition: The potential difference that causes the flow Of electrons between an electrode and its ions in a solution in which the electrode is dipped, is known as electrode Potential.

It may be reduction potential due to reduction reaction at the cathode Or oxidation potential due to Oxidation reaction at the anode.

Oxidation potential definition: It is the ability of an electrode to give up electrons and become oxidized.

Reduction Potential definition: It is the ability of an ion in solution to pick up electrons from its own electrode and become reduced.

The greater the reduction potential of an ion, the more easily it is reduced and vice versa. For example in Daniel’s cell, Cu +2 is reduced due to greater reduction potential than Zn, which is oxidized.

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Frequently Asked Questions -FAQ

What is a galvanic cell give example?

A galvanic cell (or voltaic cell) refers to a device that transfers chemical energy to electrical energy via spontaneous redox reaction. Eg: Daniell cell.

What are the four main parts of a galvanic cell?

  • The anode is the location where oxidation takes place.
  • The cathode is the location where reduction takes place.
  • External route for the movement of electrons
  • A salt bridge or permeable barrier allows ions to travel back and forth, preventing charge buildup.

How are galvanic cells used in everyday life?

Galvanic cells can be utilised as batteries and fuel cells because they are self-contained and portable.

How does galvanic cell generate electricity?

A galvanic (voltaic) cell generates electricity from the energy produced during a spontaneous redox reaction, whereas an electrolytic cell requires an external source of electrical energy to induce a reaction to occur.

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