Galvanic Cell Vs Electrolytic Cell | Similarities and the Differences between Galvanic and Electrolytic Cell

Galvanic Cell Vs Electrolytic Cell😉:

Let’s compare the galvanic cell with the electrolytic cell in terms of similarities and differences.

Similarities b/w Galvanic Cell & Electrolytic Cell:
•Both are electrochemical cells
•Redox reaction takes place in both cells
•Both cells contain Anode & Cathode
•Oxidation takes place at Anode & reduction at Cathode.

Differences b/w Galvanic Cell & Electrolytic Cell:
    Galvanic cell 
        It changes chemical energy into Electrical energy.
1.Anode is –ve
2.Cathode is +ve
3.Spontaneous reaction occurs.
4.Does not require external voltage source.

Electrolytic cell 
It changes electrical energy into Chemical reaction.
1.Anode is +ve
2.Cathode is -ve
3.Non-Spontaneous reaction occurs.
4.Require external voltage source.

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