Physical Properties of Alkenes – Hydrocarbons Notes

Physical Properties of Alkenes:

Alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons containing at least one carbon-carbon double bond in their structure.

The general physical properties of alkenes are as follows:

States of alkenes:

At room temperature and pressure 1st three alkenes (i.e. from C2 to C4) are colorless gases. Alkenes from C5 to C18 are colourless liquids while alkenes from C18 and onward are colorless solids.

Melting points and Boiling points of alkenes:

The melting and boiling points of alkenes increase with increase of molecular weight.

Volatility of Alkenes:

They are less volatile than corresponding alkanes.

Branches of Alkenes:

More is the number of branches in alkenes lower will be the boiling points.

Solubility of Alkenes:

Alkenes are insoluble in water but dissolve freely in organic solvents.

Odour of alkenes:

All alkenes are odourless except ethene which has a pleasant smell.

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