Important Chemistry Topics | Scoring highest marks in Chemistry Easily

Important Chemistry Topics | Scoring highest marks in Chemistry Easily

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What is the |Difference between Oxidation potential and Reduction potential | Electrode potential Galvanic cell or Voltaic cell Construction and Working | Galvanic cell Animation Balancing Redox reaction by oxidation number change method (Part 1) 2) Balancing Redox reaction by half reaction method (Part 1) 2) Difference between oxidation and reduction: Difference between oxidizing agent and reducing agent: to find Oxidation Number | Oxidation state determination | Compound and Ion Difference between Oxidation and Reduction , Oxidizing agent and Reducing agent,Oxidation State and rules for assigning oxidation state: Arrhenius Concept of acid and base: Bronsted-Lowery concept of acid and base: Buffer Solution: Joule Thomson effect: Evaporation: viscosity: Liquid Crystals: Orbitals Subshells and Shells: Quantum Numbers: Liquefaction of gases: Plasma: Vapour pressure: Measurement of Surface Tension: Importance of equilibrium constant: Atomic Electronic configuration: Vapour pressure & Boiling: Law of Mass Action: Hybridization Tricks & Tips: Boyle’s Law: Boyle’s Law Experiment: Charle’s law: Ideal Gas Law: Dalton’s law of Partial Pressure: Crystalline solid vs Amorphous solid : CLASSIFICATION OF CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS – SOLID STATES PROPERTIES OF LIQUIDS: STATE OF MATTER Kinetic Molecular Theory Of Gases Animation

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