Main Principles of Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases – States of matter Gases Chemistry

Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases:

The kinetic molecular theory of gases explains the physical behaviour of gases.

Main Principles of Kinetic Theory of Gases:

It has the following main principles or postulates.

  • All gases consist of molecules which are widely separated from each other.
  • Space occupied by gas molecules is negligible as compared to space among gas molecules. i.e. the volume of gas molecules is negligible as compared to the volume of the gas.
  • The gas molecules are in constant and random motion, while doing so they collide with each other as well as with a wall of the container.
  • Gases exert pressure due to the collision of their molecules with the wall of the container.
  • Gas molecules make elastic collisions.
  • No forces of attraction among gas molecules exist.
  • The average kinetic energy of gas molecules is directly proportional to absolute temperature
  • Av. K.E    α      T
  • Two gases at the same temperature have equal average kinetic energy.
  • Gravity has no influence on gas molecules.
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