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What is methyl free radical ?

Homolytic cleavage of the methane (CH4) molecule results in the formation of methyl free radical and hydrogen free radical.

Here dot represent the unpaired electron in methyl and hydrogen free radical.

Do you know !!!

What is Free Radical ?

Atom or group of atoms (molecules) having unpaired valence electrons is called free radical.

Methyl Free radical Shape:

As the carbon in methyl radical having 3 bond pair and one unpaired electron results in trigonal planar shape and bond angle of 1200 .

Methyl Free radical Hybridization:

Remember that any chemical specie (molecule or ion) having trigonal shape and 1200 bond angle results in sp2 hybridization so methyl free radical is sp2 hybridized specie having 3 bond pairs around the central carbon atom.

Methyl Free radical formation from methane:

In the presence of light ,homolytic cleavage of a stable methane molecule results in the even distribution of electrons among the products (methyl free radical and hydrogen free radical).

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