Oxidation Number Change Method | Balancing Redox reaction

Oxidation Number Change Method:

It is based on the principle that the total number of electrons lost by an element must be equal to the total number of electrons gained by another element in any redox reaction The balancing of equation by oxidation number method involves the following steps.

Step 1: Assign the oxidation number peratom of an element and write it over their symbols.

Step 2: Identify the elements undergoing a change in oxidation number.

Step 3: Draw a bridge between the same atoms undergoing a change in oxidation number

Step 4: Balance the loss and gain of electrons by multiplying with small suitable

Whole numbers.

Step 5 : Balance the rest of equation by inspection method . Balance the atoms

 other than oxygen and hydrogen first .

 Step 6: Balance oxygen atoms and finally hydrogen atoms . 

For more information ,click a video to watch the balancing of redox reaction by Oxidation number change method:

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