Best Chemistry Notes

Destructive distillation of Coal

What is the Destructive distillation of Coal?  When coal is heated in absence of air, its destructive distillation or carbonization occurs. Main Products obtained from Destructive Distillation: Destructive distillation of coal produces the following products. Coal gas: Coal gas is also called town gas. It is a mixture of H2, CO, and CH4. Hydrogen and …

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Formation of Ammonium ion (NH4+) -Coordinate Bond-Chemical Bonding

How is NH4+ ion formed? Formation of Ammonium ion: When ammonia (NH3) combines with H+ ion, results in the formation of Ammonium ion through a coordinate covalent bond. In ammonia, Nitrogen is a central atom having 5 electrons in its valence shell,3 electrons are shared with 3-H atoms and 1 lone pair of electrons complete …

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