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Class 10 Chemistry Chapter Hydrocarbons Full Chapter Notes

Chapter: Hydrocarbons Introduction: Definition of Hydrocarbons: Only carbon and hydrogen atoms containing organic compounds are called as hydrocarbons. Types of Hydrocarbons: Hydrocarbons are of three types namely; Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes. These three hydrocarbons can be differentiated from each other on the basis of the type of covalent bond present between their carbon atoms. However, …

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Manganese-Important Transition Element

Manganese (Mn) : Manganese was discovered in 1774 by Swedish chemist John Gottlieb Gahn. Its name is derived from Latin word magnes meaning magnet. Its principle ore pyrolusite is paramagnetic.    Occurrence: It is 12th most abundant element on earth crust. Its important minerals and ores are pyrolusite (principal ore) while other ores are rhodochrosite, franklinite …

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