Uses of Alkanes – Hydrocarbons Notes

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Uses of Alkanes:

Following are the uses of alkanes.

  • Alkanes are used as fuel. e.g. refinery gas, gasoline, kerosene oil, diesel oil all are mixture of alkanes and are used as fuel.
  • By catalytic oxidation of alkanes fatty acids (carboxylic acids) are prepared which are used in soap and vegetable oils.
  • By nitration of alkanes nitro alkanes are produced which are used as fuel and solvent.
  • Alkanes are used in the synthesis of many valuable organic compounds like chloroform, carbon tetra chloride, methanol, formaldehyde etc.
  • When methane and steam is passed over nickel at 900oC water gas is produced which is used as fuel and also used in the manufacture of methanol.
uses of alkanes

Water-gas is also used in the fertilizer industry for the manufacturing of urea.

  • Cracking of methane produce carbon soot and hydrogen.

The carbon soot is used in automobile tyre industries for the vulcanization of rubber. While hydrogen is used for hydrogenation of vegetable oil to get ghee and also for reduction of tungsten oxide to get tungsten. Tungsten filaments are used in electric bulbs.

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