Uses of Ethene – Organic chemistry

What are the important Uses of Ethene?

Ethene is an important member of the alkene family and it has many uses.

  • On burning mixed with oxygen gives oxyethylene flame which is used for welding and cutting metals.
  • It is used for the artificial ripening of green fruits.
  • It is used for making mustard gas which is used in chemical weapons. It was used in First World War.

Actually, it is not gas but the liquid that disperses as mist in the air. It has a mustard-like odour. It is a powerful vesicant i.e. causes blisters.

  • It is used as a general anaesthetic.
  • It is used for manufacturing polythene, a plastic used for bags, boxes, cables, toys etc.
  • It is used for making ethylene glycol which is used as antifreeze.
  • It is used for making ethylene dichloride used as a solvent.
  • It is used for making ethylene oxide used as a fumigant.
  • It is used for making ethyl alcohol.

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