Functional Group Definition and Examples -Organic Chemistry

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The active site or the functional part of organic compounds is called the functional group.

Functional group


A functional group is an atom or group of atoms that gives characteristic chemical properties to an organic compound.

organic compound representataion
organic compounds parts
parts of organic compounds

Chemical properties depend on the functional group because it takes part in a chemical reaction.

Physical properties depend on the remaining part of the molecule (alkyl group).

Importance of Functional group :

  1. Functional groups provide the basis for naming ( nomenclature) organic compounds.

2. Each functional group represent a different class/family of an organic compound.

(All compounds with the same functional group =same class/family)

Over six million organic compounds have been divided into homologous series on the basis of functional groups.

3. A functional group is an active site or functional part of an organic compound.

Compounds in the same class = similar chemical properties

Classification of Organic Compounds on the basis of Functional groups:

list of common functional groups
Functional groups list
Functional group definition and Examples

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