What is meant by valence electrons?

What is meant by valence electrons?

The electrons present in the outermost shell or orbit or energy level of an atom are known as valence electrons.

A valence electron is also known as the outermost shell electron.

Example of Valence Electrons

Number of Valence electrons in Sodium Atom

sodium valence electrons

The sodium atom has only one valence electron.

How do you determine valence electrons?

The periodic table group (vertical column) that an element is assigned to can tell you how many valence electrons it has. The units digit of the group number indicates how many valence electrons are connected to a neutral atom of an element listed under that specific column, with the exception of groups 3–12 (the transition metals).

valence electrons

Importance of valence electrons

1. Valence electrons decide the reactivity of an element.

2. Valence electrons decide the type of chemical bond an atom will form with another atom.

What is the purpose of valence electrons?

The valence electrons in an atom determine its reactivity.

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