Why do atoms form chemical bonds? – Chemistry Notes

 Why do atoms form chemical bonds?


Why most atoms are chemically bonded to other atoms in nature?

chemical bonding in NaCl


Chemical bond:

 The attractive force which holds the atoms together to form a compound or molecule is called a Chemical bond.


  1.  Every system in the universe tends to lower its energy, in order to attain stability.
  2. Water flows from a higher level to a lower level.
  3. Similarly, electricity flows from higher potential to lower potential and heat flows from a hot body to a cold body.
  4. This happens because both water and electricity are trying to decrease their energy.
  5. Atoms in the same way have a tendency to decrease their energy.
  6. The energy of isolated hydrogen atoms is higher than the two bonded hydrogen atoms.
  7. That is, the combination of atoms gives a stable molecule through the emission of energy.
  8. They can decrease the energy by combining with other atoms and forming a chemical bond.
Covalent bonding
chemical bond between hydrogen atoms


H + H –> H—H –>H2

Cl +Cl –> Cl—Cl –>Cl2


It is concluded from the above-mentioned reason that atoms form a chemical bond.

Chemical Bonding and its Types

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