Why do atoms react with one another to form chemical bonds

Why do atoms react with one another to form chemical bonds?


 Why do atoms form chemical bonds?

chemical bonding in NaCl


Chemical bond:

 The attractive force which holds the atoms together to form a compound or molecule is called a Chemical bond.


  1.  Every system in the universe tends to lower its energy, in order to attain stability.
  2. Water flows from a higher level to a lower level.
  3. Similarly, electricity flows from higher potential to lower potential and heat flows from a hot body to a cold body.
  4. This happens because both water and electricity are trying to decrease their energy.
  5. Atoms in the same way have a tendency to decrease their energy.
  6. The energy of isolated hydrogen atoms is higher than the two bonded hydrogen atoms.
  7. That is, the combination of atoms gives a stable molecule through the emission of energy.
  8. They can decrease the energy by combining with other atoms and forming a chemical bond.
Covalent bonding
chemical bond between hydrogen atoms


H + H –> H—H –>H2

Cl +Cl –> Cl—Cl –>Cl2


It is concluded from the above-mentioned reason that atoms form a chemical bond.

Chemical Bonding and its Types

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