why hcl is more acidic than hf

HCl is more acidic than HF

The acidic strength of hydrogen halide depends on the following factors:

1.Degree of dissociation

( How easily it will donate H+ ions)


Note:Acid is a substance that will donate H+ ions

More degree of dissociation = more acidic
Less degree of dissociation = less acidic

2. Type of bonding

Although all hydrogen halide has a covalent bond. Hf has a special type of bonding. i.e. Hydrogen bonding.

Due to H-bonding, HF is least acidic than HCl, HBr & HI.
The hydrogen atom in HF is entrapped between two fluorine atoms & not easily available as proton(H+).
Increasing acidic order: HF < HCl HBr HI

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