Detection of Sulphur in Organic Compound by Lassaigne’s Solution -Lead acetate Test

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Detection of Sulphur: (Lead acetate Test)

The following steps help in the detection of sulphur in an organic compound.

Lasseigne’s solution or sodium fusion extract is used for preparation for the detection of nitrogen, sulphur and halogens in the given organic compound.

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Step 1:

Take 2ml of Lassaigne’s filtrate in a test tube and add acidify with a few drops of acetic acid (CH3COOH) .

Step 2:

Boil the solution.

Step 3:

Now add Lead acetate(CH3COOPb) solution to the test tube.

The H2S gas turns Lead acetate(CH3COOPb) black.

Black ppt of Lead sulphide confirms the presence of Sulphur in an organic compound.

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